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the continuation of a species
a) diversity b) instinct c) species d) survival
differences among species
a) species b) diversity c) adapation d) evolution
a behavior that is taught
a) adapation b) diversity c) fossil record d) learned behavior
process by which living things best adapted to their environment to live and reproduce
a) natural selection b) evolution c) adapation d) extinction
trait that makes a species more suited to its environment
a) extinction b) evolution c) adaptation d) species
dying out of s species
a) adapation b) instinct c) extinction d) evolution
the history of life based on all the fossils
a) species b) diversity c) instinct d) fossil record
a behavior that does need to be learned, but is natural
a) instinct b) extinction c) survival d) species
a group of closely related things
a) adapation b) diversity c) species d) survival
slow change, by natural selection, in a speices
a) extinction b) adapation c) evolution d) instinct
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