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difficult to find
a) elusive b) bias c) caustic d) fanciful
a) profound b) universal c) dictate d) pretentious
think about seriously
a) contemplate b) deduce c) fanciful d) equivalent
to back up something you said
a) substantiate b) boycott c) dictate d) pretentious
calm and quiet
a) restrained b) optimistic c) consoling d) incredulous
applying to all cases
a) universal b) fanciful c) elusive d) implicit
over imaginative; unrealistic
a) fanciful b) elusive c) optimistic d) implicit
to stop using
a) boycott b) implicit c) caustic d) resigned
thinking positively
a) optimistic b) consoling c) pretentious d) caustic
same as something else
a) equivalent b) fanciful c) profound d) caustic
to show strong feelings for something usually in an unfair way
a) bias b) deduce c) implicit d) universal
a) caustic b) substantiate c) pretentious d) bias
to provide relief or comfort
a) consoling b) earnest c) restrained d) contemplate
to figure out something
a) deduce b) incredulous c) contemplate d) profound
to command or rule
a) dictate b) consoling c) caustic d) resigned
having very serious intentions
a) earnest b) bias c) elusive d) equivalent
included without question
a) implicit b) pretentious c) optimistic d) equivalent
a) incredulous b) boycott c) fanciful d) elusive
snobby and conceited
a) pretentious b) earnest c) boycott d) resigned
to accept something without arguing
a) resigned b) universal c) fanciful d) boycott
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