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(R69) All of the members of the Australian Parliament (MP’s) are elected by the citizens of the electorate they
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) -- d) --
(R69B) Australia has an autocratic form of government.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) -- d) --
(R69) Australia has a confederation distribution of power, with 8 regional governments.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) -- d) --
(R69) The title given to the Head of Government in Australia is “Prime Minister.”
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) -- d) --
(R69A/B)The citizens of Australia DIRECTLY elect their head of state and head of government.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) -- d) --
(R69) Australia is an example of a Presidential Democracy.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) -- d) --
(R69) Australia has a federal distribution of power, with 6 states and 2 territories.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) -- d) --
(R68) Which of the following did NOT negatively impact the Aborigines, after the arrival of Europeans?
a) European diseases killed nearly half of the population b) Many Aborigines were killed fighting with the British c) Almost half of the Aboriginal population was sold into slavery d) Aborigines who survived lived in extreme poverty and lower class status
(R68) Why were the British so interested in colonizing Australia?
a) It could serve as a penal colony b) It could serve as a strong naval base in the Pacific c) It made trade with eastern countries easier d) All of These
(R68) Shortly after the British discover and claim Australia they ___________.
a) sent slaves to farm the land b) sent prisoners to start a penal colony c) sent their military to wipe out the violent Aborigines d) sent missionaries to try and convert the Aborigines to Christianity
(R67) What type of economy would the Aborigines have had in place for the 40,000 prior to the arrival of Europeans?
a) Command b) Mixed Market c) Traditional d) None of These
(R67) How do most historians believe the Aborigines came to the continent of Australia?
a) By flying from southern California b) By boat/raft from southeast Asia c) Brought there by Europeans as slaves d) By land from east Africa
(R66) Why do most of the people in Australia choose to populate certain areas of the continent?
a) Great View b) Mild Climate easier to grow crops c) Hot Dry Climate d) To avoid kangaroo attacks
(R66) Which choice best describes: where (using cardinal/intermediate directions) do most people live in Australia?
a) Mostly along the southeast southwest coasts b) Mostly in the center c) Mostly in the north d) None of These is correct
(R68) Australia was a colony of Britain/England before it became an independent nation.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) -- d) --
(R69) Australian citizens can be fined if they don’t vote, because voting is mandatory for all citizens over age 18.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) -- d) --
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