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What are norms?
a) Extra limbs that grow out of an abnormal baby b) Measurements that provide unusual height and weight of children c) Measurements that provide typical values and variations in height and weight of children d) The normal reactions of children when they're put into certain situations
At birth, the brain is ______ percent of its adult size
a) 100 b) 15 c) 10 d) 25
What parts of the brain are fairly well established at birth?
a) Mid brain b) Brain stem c) Low brain d) Both 1 and 2
New borns ___ then ___ weight
a) gain then lose b) lose then gain c) lose then lose d) gain then gain
When is the brain most plastic?
a) At infancy b) Toddler c) Adolescence d) Adulthood
Basic brain cells are called
a) Brain cells b) Nuerons c) Stem cells d) Skin cells
Newborns double their weight in ___ and triple it in____
a) 2 months, 12 months b) 7 months, 5 months c) 5 months, 7 months d) 5 months, 12 months
What is brain lateralization?
a) Process where the brain stops working b) Process where the one side of the brain dominates the other half c) Process of which the brain favors one side more than the other d) Both two and three
What is myelin?
a) Basic brain cells b) The insulation on the nuerons c) Also known as the brain stem d) Stops the spreading of diseases
Migrate from nueral tube is known as
a) Proliferation b) Differentiation c) Migration d) None of the above
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