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The prophet sent to correct David for his sin:
a) Nathan b) Elijah c) Ezekiel d) Jeremiah
The psalm prayer of repentance written by David:
a) The True Shepherd b) The Miserere c) The Mourning d) The Metanoia
The judge who broke his vows:
a) Samson b) Saul c) Samuel d) Solomon
The husband of Ruth:
a) Boaz b) Uriah c) Samson d) Saul
The female judge:
a) Ruth b) Deborah c) Leah d) Naomi
The king who became jealous of David and tried to kill him:
a) Jonathan b) Saul c) Jeremiah d) Jonah
The king was was a musician and wrote some of the psalms:
a) Solomon b) Ezekiel c) Saul d) David
The king who made Jerusalem the Holy City:
a) Jonathan b) Saul c) David d) Solomon
The king who united the tribes:
a) Saul b) Solomon c) David d) Israel
The first king of Israel
a) Saul b) David c) Solomon d) Samuel
The priest who trained Samuel at the temple:
a) Elijah b) Eli c) Abimelech d) Aaron
The judge who asked God for a sign about his calling:
a) Gideon b) Ezekiel c) Samuel d) Eli
The judge who helped the Israelites defeat the Canaanites
a) Gideon b) Samson c) Deborah d) Saul
The king who built the great temple
a) Samson b) David c) Saul d) Solomon
The judge who defeated the Philistines by his great strength:
a) Elijah b) Samson c) Saul d) Gideon
The woman who remained loyal to Naomi:
a) Ruth b) Sarah c) Leah d) Rachel
A son of Jesse:
a) David b) Samuel c) Solomon d) Saul
The king known for his wisdom:
a) Jonathan b) Saul c) Solomon d) David
Anointed the first king of Israel:
a) Samson b) Samuel c) Solomon d) Boaz
Ruled over Israel for 40 years:
a) Solomon b) David c) Saul d) Samuel
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