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All of the first 5 presidents were from ____ except for John Adams.
a) Virginia b) Massachusettes c) Washington D.C. d) Maryland
_____ was president when the federal court system was established.
a) George Washington b) John Adams c) Thomas Jefferson d) James Monroe
_____ was president when The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution.
a) George Washington b) John Adams c) James Monroe d) James Madison
_____ was president when plans were initiated to put the national capital in Washington D.C.
a) George Washington b) John Adams c) Thomas Jefferson d) James Monroe
_____ was president when a two-party system emerged.
a) John Adams b) James Monroe c) James Madison d) Thomas Jefferson
_____ was president when the Louisiana Territory was purchased from France.
a) Thomas Jefferson b) James Monroe c) James Madison d) John Adams
_____ was president during the War of 1812.
a) James Madison b) James Monroe c) George Washington d) John Adams
James Monroe issued the ____ during his presidency.
a) Monroe Doctrine b) Monroe Document c) Monroe Corallary d) Monroe Constitution
Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to _____.
a) explore the Louisiana Purchase b) get France to sell the Louisiana territory c) convince King George III to sign the Treaty of Paris d) warn Europe to stay out of the Western Hemisphere
_____ was an an African American astronomer and surveyor who helped complete the design for Washington D.C.
a) Benjamin Banneker b) Benjamin Franklin c) Frederick Douglass d) George Washington
_____ caused European nations to gain respect for the United States.
a) The War of 1812 b) The Monroe Doctrine c) The Constitution d) The Revolutionary War
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