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scientists have learned through the . . . that some species have survived millions of years and others have died out
a) species b) instinct c) survival d) fossil record
A trait in a species that makes it better able to survive is an . . .
a) species b) adaptation c) extinction d) evolution
process by which living things with the most favorable adaptations survive and reproduce is . . .
a) natural selection b) adaptation c) extinction d) evolution
the ability to find food is a . . . that is taught
a) natural selection b) adaptation c) extinction d) learned behavior
the slow change by natural selection in a living thing . . .
a) instinct b) extinction c) evolution d) adaptation
without evolution there would be less . . . among species
a) survival b) diversity c) evolution d) species
Plants and animals of the same . . .are alike and can produce young
a) instinct b) survival c) species d) diversity
a bear does not have to be taught to hibernate because that behavior is . . .
a) instinct b) species c) survival d) extinction
adaptation helps ensure the . . .of a species
a) diversity b) instinct c) survival d) species
A loss of diversity occurs with the . . .of an animal species
a) extinction b) evolution c) adaptation d) instinct
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