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Growth and motor control also progress from the center of the body outwards to limb;this pattern is called
a) cephalocaual b) proximodistal c) brain stem d) central nervous system
The brain is at its most plastic when
a) at the age of 6 b) at the age of 12 c) infancy d) when they are first born
At what rates do infants grow?
a) slow b) rapid c) slowly according to amount of ponuds d) none of the above
When infants gain weight they rapid double the weight in...
a) 9months b) 4months c) 5months d) 12months
At birth the babies brain is...
a) 25% of its adult size b) 35% of its mothers size c) none of the above d)
Part of neurons become insulated with...
a) b) glial c) neurons d) myelin
The production of new nerve cell is called...
a) proliferation b) migration c) differentiation d) all of the above
One of the procedures used to learn about the function of the brain is...
a) fMRI b) CAT scan c) d) none of the above
Infants and toddlers growth proceeds in spurts.
a) true b) false c) d)
A lot of the development of the cortex takes place after birth
a) true b) false c) d)
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