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The paths of water, carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorous passing between the non-living env. and living organisms.
a) Biogeochemical Cycle b) Ground Water c) Transpiration d) Erosion
Water beneath the surface of the Earth
a) Ground Water b) Transpiration c) Biogeochemical Cycle d) Erosion
Water evaporating from leaves and moving to the atmosphere
a) Transpiration b) Respiration c) Combustion d) Erosion
Using oxygen to get energy from food releasing CO2
a) Respiration b) Transpiration c) Combustion d) Erosion
Burning, releases CO2 if it is carbon based.
a) Combustion b) Transpiration c) Respiration d) Erosion
When carbon locked away in limestone becomes available as the limestone becomes exposed
a) Erosion b) Combustion c) Respiration d) Transpiration
Combining nitrogen w/ hydrogen to form ammonia
a) Nitrogen Fixation b) Assimilation c) Ammonification d) Nitrification
Absorption and incorporation of nitrogen into organic compounds by plants
a) Assimilation b) Ammonification c) Nitrification d) Denitrification
Production of ammonia by bacteria through decay
a) Ammonification b) Nitrification c) Denitrification d) Nitrogen Fixation
Production of nitrate from ammonia
a) Nitrification b) Denitrification c) Nitrogen Fixation d) Ammonification
Conversion of nitrate to nitrogen gas
a) Denitrification b) Nitrification c) Ammonification d) Assimilation
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