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The primary purpose of health policies is to:
a) protect young children b) satisfy licensing requirements c) impress parents d) protect staff
Children should be kept home when their temperature exceeds:
a) 100 F b) 98 F c) 101 F d) 103 F
The daily health inspection is usually conducted by the:
a) teacher b) parent c) director d) aide
Symptoms of illness include:
a) sore throat b) bright eyes c) typical behavior d) all of the above
A communicable disease does not include:
a) diabetes b) chicken pox c) influenza d) measles
Serving temperature for food should be:
a) below 40F or above 140F b) below 60F or above 100F c) below 50F or above 170F d) below 20F or above 120F
The least severe type of a burn is classified as a _____ burn.
a) first-degree b) second-degree c) third-degree d) fourth-degree
The time between exposure to the sun and development of a sunburn is usually:
a) immediately b) within an hour c) two to four hours d) three to twelve hours
The best way for a child to get rid of a windpipe blockage is to:
a) cough it up b) take it up c) have the teacher remove it d) try to swallow it
To provide emergency treatment for a knocked out tooth, first____.
a) find the tooth b) call the parent c) contact a dentist d) instruct the child to bite gauze
The least safe type of thermometer is the:
a) mercury thermometer b) digital thermometer c) temperature stripe d) all of these are safe
The best way to get rid of head lice is to:
a) seek medical help b) brush the hair c) shampoo daily d) wash hair with vinegar
With a severe insulin reaction, offer the diabetic child:
a) powerade b) orange juice c) milk d) unsweet tea
Virus that breaks down the body's immune system:
a) HIV b) Rabies c) Diabetes d) Asthma
Infection of the gastrointestinal tract:
a) foodborne illness b) rabies c) AIDS d) diabetes
Disease caused by a viral infection of the nervous system and brain; often spread by infected animals:
a) rabies b) HIV c) epilepsy d) diabetes
Injury to the tissue directly under the skin surface:
a) closed wound b) open wound c) abrasion d) laceration
Break in the skin:
a) closed wound b) open wound c) contusion d) hypertension
Scrape that damages a portion of the skin:
a) contusion b) abrasion c) epilepsy d) asthma
Diesase that is contagious and spreads easily from person to person:
a) communicable disease b) foodborne illness c) asthma d) diabetes
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