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A child may grow as much as 1/4 inch
a) in a month b) overnight c) in 2 weeks d) in 5 months
The growth pattern where infants grow and gain motor control starting with their heads and progressing down their bodies to their feet is called
a) proximodistal b) central nervous system c) cephalocaudal d) midbrain
Brainstem and midbrain are fairly well established
a) at 12 months of age b) at birth c) at 3 years of age d)
Basic brain cells are called
a) cortex b) myelin c) brain cells d) neurons
What are the 3 important types of changes neurons undergo?
a) Proliferation, Migration, Differentiation b) differentiation, sensation, sensory processing c) migration, differentiation, proliferation d) proliferation, forming synapses, migration
neurons become insulated with
a) glial b) synapses c) myelin d) cortex
What is brain lateralization?
a) When brain stops working b) process by which one hemisphere of the brain comes to dominate the other c) both hemispheres work well d) One hemisphere becomes weaker than the other
At birth the brain is_______% of its adult size
a) 25% b) 50% c) 75% d) 10%
After birth cortex of the brain is responsible for
a) thinking, planning, moving b) speaking, learning, walking c) sensation, thinking, motor response d) learning and movement
Synapses are
a) Avenues that connect individual nerve cells to each other b) Avenues that seperate each nerve cell c) Avenue that seperate two nerve cells d) Avenue that forns bonds with two or more nerve cells
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