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Flashbacks are a cool way to mess with the __________ of the story.
a) analyze b) tone c) theme d) sequence
The author's _________ is one which implies guilt.
a) sequence b) sequence c) tone d) analyze
Whoa! The photo isn't just a photo! That _______ blew me away at the end!
a) symbolism b) sequence c) analyze d) infer
The _____________ of my book is about the value of friends
a) symbolism b) theme c) sequence d) tone
Before you take the test, ________ the chapters
a) sequence b) contrast c) theme d) analyze
This writer stinks! I can't ________ anything he writes about!
a) infer b) visualize c) tone d) symbolism
The use of something concrete that is used to represent something more than itself.
a) visualize b) theme c) sequence d) symbolism
The main subject for a work of literature, art, or music.
a) visualize b) symbolism c) theme d) tone
To examine in detail
a) symbolism b) theme c) analyze d) tone
To form a picture in the mind.
a) symbolism b) tone c) analyze d) visualize
An expression of a writer’s attitude toward a subject.
a) contrast b) sequence c) theme d) tone
A text structure in which one event or action follows another.
a) sequence b) compare c) analyze d) theme
The idea the author is going for!
a) infer b) theme c) tone d) analyze
How it gets put together.
a) sequence b) symbolism c) tone d) visualize
Related to imagination.
a) theme b) theme c) visualize d) analyze
Grandmother's Necklace= connection to the family history and ancestors
a) tone b) sequence c) theme d) symbolism
The opposite of a quick look.
a) tone b) analyze c) sequence d) theme
Yelling or whispering can alter the ______.
a) sequence b) theme c) tone d) anlyze
Close your eyes and focus on what I am saying.
a) tone b) symbolism c) theme d) visualize
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