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He is probably the best golfer ..... I've played against
a) who b) whom c) which d) where
I have a friend ....ran in the New York Marathon last year
a) whom b) whose c) when d) who
The diary .... Ron kept when he was in prison was sold for $ 50,000
a) What b) when c) which d) who
Dorothy said something ...... I couldn't hear clearly
a) which b) where c) who d) whose
The person ... we selected to represent us on the committee has had resign due to illness
a) who b) which c) whom d) when
The beach is the place ....... I most like to be in the summer
a) when b) where c) who d) when
The path was made by walkers .... crossed the mountains each summer
a) whom b) who c) which d) whose
The man ...... gave me the book was the librarian
a) whom b) who c) whose d) where
The house ....... is next to ours is for sale
a) where b) when c) which d) whose
We have a friend ....... plays the piano
a) whom b) who c) when d) where
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