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A quantitative measures that provide typical values and variations in height and weight in children are known as
a) Teratagens b) Drugs c) Norms d) Blood
In contrast to the areas, a lot of development of the cortex takes place after; this part of the brain is responsible for (3 main things )
a) Sensation b) Motor skills c) Thinking d) All of these above
What are basic brain cells are called ?
a) Cells b) Neurons c) Cortex d) None of the above
The ability of alternate regions of the cerebal cortex to take on specialized sensory, linguistic, and other infromation processing is know as
a) Motor skills b) Synapes c) Brain plasticity d) None of the above
Migration is the
a) Move from the neural tube, where they were produced to the other location b) Avenues that connect individual nerve cell with other nerve cells c) Process by which one side of the brain is dominate over the other d) Stimulation of the brain
The head and the ______________________ under do early and rapid increase in weight.
a) Respiratory System b) Toes c) Body d) Central Nervous System
Which is most important in the brains development?
a) Nature b) Food c) Both d) Nurture
At how many weeks do a newborns cells begin to form?
a) 4 weeks b) 1 year c) 6 days d) 5 months
How much of its adult size is the brain at birth?
a) 25 % b) 100 % c) 70 % d) 50 %
Babys are really easy to take care of ?
a) True b) c) d) False
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