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What are norms?!?
a) Central nerveous system b) Quantive measure that providies typical values and variations in such character as height and weight for children c) brain stem d)
The head and _____________ undergo early and rapid increase weight.
a) Central nerveous system b) Proximaoistal c) Midbrain d)
What are the basic brain cells called?!?
a) Myelin b) Nerves c) Neurons d)
What are synapses?!?
a) The production of new nerve cells b) Avenues that connect individual nerve cells to each other c) Movement from neural tubes, where created to new locations d)
When is the brain at its most plastic?!?
a) Infants and Childern b) Adult c) Old people d)
At birth the brain is _____% of ITs adult size
a) 12 b) 25 c) 67 d)
What parts of the brain are fairly well established at birth?!?
a) Brain Stem and Midbrain b) FMI and CAT c) Digestion and Respiration d)
What basic function do these brain areas control??
a) Digestion, Elimination, and Respiration b) Cortex and Sensation c) Moter Response d)
Parts of neurons become insulated with_____.
a) FMA b) Glial c) Myelin d)
________cells provide the basic building material for myelin, and also serve other vital functions.
a) Glial b) Myelin c) Cellls d)
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