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Is a child\'s brain ready if they are born premature?
a) yes b) no c) d)
What, along with the head, undergoes an early, rapid, increase in weight?
a) central nervous system b) lungs c) digestive system d) heart
What are synapses?
a) types of proteins b) muscles c) the connection between nerves d) cells
Which is most significant in brain development?
a) nature b) nurture c) neither d)
Which is NOT a difficulty premature babies will experience?
a) learning b) paying attention c) oraganizing d) making friends
How soon can babies see and recognize?
a) one year b) two months c) two days d) eighteen days
What kind of cells are neurons born from
a) white blood cells b) stem cells c) red blood cells d) peanut cells
Which of these control things such as basic reflexes and sensory processing?
a) brainstem b) cortex c) right side d) optical lobe
Neurons moving from the neural tube to other locations is...
a) proliferation b) differerentiation c) migration d) none of the above
What happens over time if some connections are not used.
a) they multiply b) they are not affected c) they are lost d) they die
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