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When water is behind a dam, it has _______________ energy. The water changes to ______________energy in the movement as it flows over the dam.
a) Potential, kinetic b) Kinetic, potential c) d)
When a rubberband is stretched, it is _____________ energy but once it's released in the air, it's ______________ energy
a) Kinetic, potential b) Potential, kinetic c) d)
When a bike rider is pedaling up a hill it is _______ energy, when the bike rider is on top of the high not moving, it is __________ energy.
a) Kinetic, potential b) Potential, Kinetic c) d)
Green plants transform the Sun’s __________energy into food which is a form of stored __________ energy
a) Solar, Chemical b) Wind, Sound c) d)
Animals use ____________ energy from food to move. That energy is transformed to______________ energy.
a) Solar, mechanical b) Chemical, mechanical c) d)
Electrical energy can be transformed to other forms of energy in a ______________.
a) Magnet b) Circuit c) d)
___________energy can be transformed into ___________energy in an electric circuit if a bell.
a) Electrical, Sound b) Chemical, Mechanical c) d)
_____________energy can be transformed into ______energy in an electric circuit if a toaster.
a) Heat, Sound b) Electrical, Heat c) d)
The generator transforms the _______________ energy into _____________energy.
a) Mechanical, Electrical b) Mechanical, Sound c) d)
__________________energy can be transformed into the energy of ___________ motion if a fan or motor is added to the circuit.
a) Electrical, light b) Electrical, Mechanical c) d)
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