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What is the relay center between the brain and the spinal cord?
a) Hypothalamus b) Thalamus c) cerebellum d) cerebral cortex
the ________ nervous system prepares the body for sudden stress
a) peripheral b) sympathetic c) autonomic d) parasympathetic
The brain receives_______ of the blood pumped by the heart
a) 20% b) 50% c) 100% d) 10%
The cental nervous system consists of
a) the brain b) convolutions c) the spinal cord d) 1 and 2
controls body temperature, blood pressure, and emotions
a) Hypothalamus b) Thalamus c) brain d) nerves
which area in the cerbral cortex starts impulses responsible for all voluntary movement?
a) motor areas b) sensory areas c) associative areas d) spinal areas
which area of the cerebral cortex receives impulses from sense receptors?
a) motor areas b) sensory areas c) associative areas d) spinal areas
which area of the cerebral cortex is responsible for memory, learning, and thought?
a) sensory areas b) motor areas c) spinal areas d) associative areas
the cerebral cortex has many folds called
a) blood vessels b) tissue c) convolutions d) wrinkles
reflexes are
a) the simplest response to a stimulus b) a type of nerve c) a part of the body d) controlled by the brain
the cerebellum helps with
a) balance b) rate of muscle contraction c) the muscles position in relation to gravity d) all of the above
the medulla oblongata connects the spinal cord to
a) the rest of the body b) the nerves of the peripheral nervous system c) all other parts of the brain d) none of the above
which is not a type of memory?
a) momentary b) amnesia c) long term d) short term
the spinal cord connects the nerves of the___________ with the brain
a) central nervous system b) somatic nervous system c) peripheral nervous system d) autonomic nervous system
the spinal cord controls certain_________ which are automatic responses
a) nerves b) neurons c) activities d) reflexes
the ______________ prepares the body for rest
a) sympathetic b) somatic c) parasympathetic d) central
what type of peripheral neuron transmits information away from the CNS?
a) afferent b) efferent c) somatic d) autonomic
what type of peripheral neuron collects infromation from the body and transmits it towards the CNS?
a) efferent b) somatic c) afferent d) autonomic
the autonomic nervous sytem regulates activites that are
a) automatic and involuntary b) manual c) under concious control d) easy
The somatic nervous system regulates activites that are
a) easy b) under conscious control c) automatic d) involuntary
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