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Diffuse Reflection is a(n) ________________ reflection of light rays on a ________________ surface.
a) uneven, rough b) even, smooth c) semi-smooth, rough d) even or uneven, semi-rough
With Regular/Diffuse Reflection, the ______________ of the object will determine the SHARPNESS of reflection.
a) color b) surface c) angle d) a and b
Scattering of light occurs when light waves traveling in _______________ direction(s) are made to travel in ____________________ direction(s).
a) one, ten b) several, one c) many, one d) one, many
Per the Law of Reflection measured by a normal line, the angle of incidence is _________________ to the angle of reflection.
a) less than b) greater than c) equal d) both a and b
The Law of Reflection states that when a light ray reflects on a surface, the light ray leaves that surface at _______________ angle(s) from which it came
a) multiple b) the same c) a single varying d) several
Our brain interpret _____________________ color(s) entering our eyes at the same time.
a) several (6 or 7) b) only one c) a few d) multiple
Identify the primary colors:
a) red, purple, orange b) green, blue, yellow c) red, green, blue d) blue, purple, orange
A plane mirror has a _________________ reflecting surface.
a) angled b) concave c) flat d) convex
The image you see off a plane mirror is placed in ________________direction(s) of real image.
a) five b) multiple directions c) the opposite d) the same
Regular reflection is the _______________ reflection of light on a(n) _______________ surface.
a) even, smooth b) uneven, rough c) semi-smooth, rough d) even or uneven, rough
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