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what are the motor areas of the brain responsible for
a) brain b) spinal cord c) voluntary movement d)
what are the sensory areas of the brain responsible for
a) recieve impulses from sense receptors b) control voluntary inpulses c) conrtol involuntary impulses d)
what are the associative area of the brain responsible for
a) learning, memory , and thought b) recieve impulses from sense receptors c) start impulses d) involuntry movement
what are the the many folds of the of the cerebral cortex called
a) convolutions b) nerve impulse c) neuron d) response
what is the nickname for the parasympathetic nervous system
a) sit and digest b) fight of flight c) d)
what is the simplest responce to a stimulus
a) reflex b) motor neuron c) parasympathetic d) spinal cord
what is the nickname for the sympathetic nervous system
a) sit and digest b) fight or flight c) d)
what are the two divisions of the peripheral nervous system
a) central and peripheral nervous system b) somatic and autonomic nervous systemms c) sympathetic nervous ystem d) parasympathetic nervous system
what neurons carry infomation TOWARD the body
a) spinal cord b) cerebellum c) efferent d) afferent
what neurons carry infomation AWAY from the body
a) stimulus b) efferent c) relflex d) afferent
what are the 3 types of memory
a) momentary b) short term c) all of the above d) long term
what does the medulla oblogoata connect
a) brain to spinal cord b) leg to hip c) neck to head d) hand to arm
what are the 3 major parts of the brain
a) cerebrum b) cerebellum c) medulla oblongata d) all of the above
what is the relay center between the brain and the spinl cord
a) thalmus b) hippocampus c) pitiuitary gland d) nerves
both the brain and the spinal cord are...
a) encased in bone b) surrounded by muscle c) surrounded in cerebrospinalfluid d) both 1 and 3
what is included in the central nervous system
a) brain and spinal cord b) brain c) femur d) heart and lungs
what are the 2 major nervous system divisions?
a) peripheral nervous system b) central nervous system c) outside nervous system d) both 1 and 2
what are the convolutions for
a) start impulses b) to help increase surface area c) recieve impulses d)
what does the cerebellum control
a) voluntary movement b) balence c) none of the above d) both 1 and 2
what does the cerebellem allow for
a) smooth orderly movement b) control involuntary movemen c) voluntary movement d)
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