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occurs when light rays bounce off a surface
a) radiation b) reflection c) kinetic energy d)
occurs when an object takes in light waves
a) refraction b) amplitude c) absorption d)
the bending of light when it passes into a new medium
a) pitch b) energy c) refraction d)
the height of a wave measured from its midline
a) radiation b) amplitude c) potential energy d)
a measure of how strong a sound seems to us
a) volume b) reflection c) convection d)
how high or low a sound is
a) sound b) conduction c) pitch d)
distance between a point on one wave and a similar point on the next wave
a) radiation b) wavelength c) volume d)
number of waves that pass a point in a certain amount of time
a) wavelength b) kinetic energy c) frequency d)
energy in the form of vibrations passing through matter
a) pitch b) sound c) radiation d)
energy that is stored in an object
a) conduction b) energy c) potential energy d)
energy of motion
a) energy b) kinetic energy c) absorption d)
the ability to cause motion or create change
a) energy b) pitch c) volume d)
the transfer of heat that occurs when one thing touches another
a) reflection b) frequency c) conduction d)
the transfer of thermal energy as matter moves
a) energy b) convection c) radiation d)
energy that is sent out in waves
a) radiation b) potential energy c) refraction d)
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