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Study and activity that used information provided by pure science
a) Hypothesis b) Experiment c) Applied Science d) Ecology
The layer around the earth in which life occurs naturally
a) Natural Resource b) Population Crisis c) Developed Countries d) Biosphere
Situation in which natural resources are being used up
a) Ecology b) Consumption Crisis c) Developed Coutries d) Population Crisis
Highly industrialized countries with high incomes and high standards of living such as the USA
a) Experiment b) Enviroment c) Developed Countries d) Developing Countries
Less industrialized countries with high income and standards of living are low such as Mexico
a) Natural Resource b) Ecology c) Developed Countries d) Developing Countries
The study of how living things are related to each other
a) Ecology b) Enviroment c) Hypothesis d) Natural Recourse
The surroundings of an organism that affects its life and development
a) Natural Resource b) Ecology c) Enviroment d) Hypothesis
Activity designed to test a hypothesis
a) Population Crisis b) Ecology c) Experiment d) Hypothesis
A testable explanation for a specific problem
a) Applied Science b) Hypothesis c) Exeriement d) Natural Resource
Any natural substance that lving things use
a) Biosphere b) Population Crisis c) Developed Countries d) Natural Resoures
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