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The sysematic analysis of the natural world
a) mass b) volume c) Scientific Method d) SI units
a number expressing a property, quanitity, or relation that remains unchanged
a) Dependent Variable b) Mass c) Destiny d) Constant
Constant factor used in an experiment to test a hypothesis
a) Volume b) Control c) Tempuerature d) Constant
Mass per unit volume of a substance
a) Volume b) Mass c) Hypothesis d) Density
A testable explanation for a specific problem or question
a) Hypothesis b) Metric System c) Control d) Volume
A factor or a condition in an experiment that is not changed nor varied
a) Volume b) Metric System c) Dependent Variable d) Indepent Variable
The factor being tested in the experiment
a) Mass b) Dependent Variable c) Independent Variable d) Volume
The amount of matter in an experiment
a) Temperature b) Volume c) Mass d) SI units
Standard scientific system of measurement based on the number ten and multiples of ten
a) Volume b) English Customary c) Metric System d) SI unit
A form of metric system called the international system of units
a) Metric System b) SI units c) Temperature d) Volume
A measure of the warmth or coldness of and an object or substance with reference to some standard value
a) Dependent Variable b) Metric System c) Tempurature d) Volume
The amount of space a substance occupies
a) Mass b) Volume c) Control d) SI unit
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