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Which of the following orders the parts of the eye that transmit visible light waves to be interpreted by the brain?
a) cornea, convex lens, optic nerve, retina b) retina, optic nerve, convex lens, cornea c) optic nerve, retina, convex lens, cornea d) cornea, convex lens, retina, optic nerve
When you listen to music on your cellphone which of the following is the medium that is transmitting the sound energy from your phone to your eardrum?
a) cellphone b) air particles c) electrical wires d) Speaker
Which of the following best explains why objects with more mass are more difficult to stop?
a) more mass equals more inertia b) less mass equals more inertia c) more mass equals less inertia d) inertia is not effected by mass
On a time-distance graph when a line is straight and not curved which of the following is true?
a) The object increased in speed b) The object decreased in speed c) The object traveled at a constant speed d) The object was traveled back to the reference point
Which of the following space tools helps scientists determine what distant stars are made up of?
a) radio telescope b) spectroscope c) refracting telescope d) reflecting telescope
Which of the following factors influence the force of gravity?
a) mass and distance of objects b) weight and mass of objects c) weight and distance of objects d) mass and inertia
Two days a year the length of day in the northern and southern hemisphere is the same. When are these days called?
a) Solstice b) Equinox c) Eclipse d) Neap
When the northern hemisphere is experiencing summer which of the following is true?
a) The northern hemisphere is receiving more indirect sunlight b) The northern hemisphere has shorter days c) The northern hemisphere is tilted away from the Sun d) The northern hemisphere is receiving more direct sunlight
Which of the following is considered evidence for the theory of plate tectonics which describes that thin layers of the Earth's crust are in motion?
a) Mountain ranges b) Location of Volcanoes c) Location of Earthquakes d) all of the answer choices
Which of the following accurately describes how sedimentary rocks form?
a) weathering, erosion, compaction, deposition b) weathering, erosion, deposition, cementation c) erosion, weathering, deposition, cementation d) cementation, deposition, erosion, weathering
Which of the following describes the breaking down of rock into sediments?
a) weathering b) erosion c) deposition d) cementation
Which of the following correctly orders eras of geologic time from oldest to youngest?
a) Paleozoic, Cenozoic, Mesozoic b) Cenozoic, Mesozoic, Paleozoic c) Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic d) Mesozoic, Paleozoic, Cenozoic
Which of the following is theorized to have caused the greatest mass extinction in Earth's history at the end of the Paleozoic era?
a) Volcanic eruptions b) Habitat destruction c) Impact event d) all of the answer choices
Which of the following are the units of geologic time from largest to smallest?
a) Era, period, epoch b) Period, epoch, era c) Epoch, period, era d) Era, epoch, period
Which of the following is a behavior adaptation that may enhance an organisms ability to survive and reproduce?
a) mimicry b) camoflague c) migration d) bird beaks
Which of the following is a comparison (like a placebo) that a good controlled scientific investigation should have?
a) controlled variables b) dependent variables c) independent variable d) control group
Which of the following is important in a good controlled scientific investigation?
a) using correct units of measurement b) replicate and repeat the experiment c) control all variables so that there is only one independent variable d) all of the answer choices
Which of the following should be done before any scientific investigation?
a) Check that all lab materials are working properly b) Review all lab procedures prior to doing an investigation c) Put on all required lab safety equipment such as goggles, apron, gloves d) all of the answer choices
When using a slinky to model various waves which of the following safety procedures is MOST important?
a) Do not overstretch the slinky b) wear safety gloves c) wear an apron d) wear closed toed shoes
Which of the following correctly orders the parts of the ear that transmit sound vibrations to nerve impulses for the brain to interpret as sound?
a) outer ear, eardrum, middle ear, tiny hairs, liquid, auditory nerve b) auditory nerve, liquid, tiny hairs, middle ear, eardrum, outer ear c) outer ear, eardrum, middle ear, liquid, tiny hairs, auditory nerve d) inner ear, middle ear, outer ear, eardrum
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