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What level defined for a forest or domain that defines what features are available.
a) functional level b) global group c) group polic d) domain local group
What is the exact position of a host within the DNS hierarchy.
a) fully qualified domain name (FQDN) b) global catalog c) member server d) security group
What system that replicates the information of every object in a tree and forest so that objects can be found and accessed from any domain.
a) global catalog b) hosts file c) member server d) organizational unit
What group that can contain user accounts and other global groups. Global groups are designed to be “global” for the domain. After you place user accounts into global groups, the global groups are typically placed into domain local groups or local gr
a) global group b) group policy c) domain local group d) distribution group
A collection or list of user accounts or computer accounts is a _______
a) group b) hosts file c) member server d) organizational unit
What is one of the most powerful features of Active Directory that controls the working environment for user accounts and computer accounts
a) group policy b) member server c) organizational unit d) security group
What is a text file used to translate host names to IP addresses.
a) hosts file b) built-in group c) directory service d) distribution group
What An application protocol for querying and modifying data using directory services running over TCP/IP?
a) Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) b) group policy c) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP d) domain local group
A server that is not running as a domain controller is ___________
a) member server b) global catalog c) organizational unit d) security group
A distinct, named set of attributes or characteristics that represent a network resource.
a) object b) hosts file c) global catalog d) functional level
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