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lightly scented perfume
a) toilet water b) eluded c) solemnly d) embossed
descended or claimed from ancestors
a) family b) vain c) ancestral d) plane
chess piece with the lowest value
a) knight b) pawn c) king d) queen
people or forces that oppose attack
a) prodigy b) pondered c) concerning d) adversaries
fictional cowboy, popular in the 1950s
a) prodigy b) Tao c) humility d) Hopalong Cassidy
characterized by or expressing goodwill or kindly feeling
a) benevolently b) pawn c) plane d) humility
a chinese philosophy of truth
a) Chow b) Chi c) Tao d) Nao
youngest ever chess grandmaster
a) That One Person No One Remembers b) Willie Martin c) Tyler LeGrett d) Bobby Fisher
having an unpleasent or offensive odor
a) Fish b) Cheese c) malodorous d) Bad Breathe
ineffectual or unsuccessful
a) Infection b) Failure c) Vanity d) Vain
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