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What was Raided During the WWI with the Liberty Bonds
a) Money b) Food c) Water d) Oil
What Year was the 19th amendment
a) 1920 b) 1820 c) 2013 d) 1901
What happend to the Women when WWI Started
a) They Joined the Work Force's b) They Died c) They could Vote d) They went to War
What was Rationed in WWI
a) Food b) Water c) Gas d) Supplies
Was the Populists Party a Rual Movement
a) Yes b) No c) d)
How long did WWI Last for the American's
a) 1 year b) 10 year's c) 2 years's d) 4 year's
What does Rual mean
a) Country b) State c) World d) Ruler
What does Urban mean
a) City b) Town c) Country d) State
What was the 19th ammendment about
a) Women Rights to Vote b) Men Rights to Vote c) 19$ worth in jobs d) 19$ less on Food
Where the Women allowed to vote in the 1900's
a) True b) False c) d)
Did the Oil Booms start around the 1900's
a) True b) False c) d)
How many People Survived the Galveston Hurricane
a) 1/6 of the Population b) 1/2 of the Population c) 3/4 of the Population d) 1/4 of the Population
What was a Town Called when it got Popular over oil
a) Boomtown b) ExsplotionCity c) BoomBeach d) BoomCity
What is the name for the Hurricane that hit Galveston in 1901
a) Hurricane Isaac b) Hurricane Katrina c) Hurricane Billy d) Hurricane Big
What is the name for the OilDrill
a) Derrick b) Bob c) Louie d) Derrly
What year was the Galveston Hurricane
a) 1900 b) 1801 c) 0091 d) 2016
What amendment gave the women Rights to Vote
a) 19th b) 20th c) 10th d) 16th
Where did all the People's go during the Nation Wide Movement
a) Rual Area b) Rule Area c) Texas d) Lousiana
What year did the Populist party Desippeard
a) 1846 b) 1946 c) 2003 d) 1264
Where Legislative Reforms past in Areas of labor
a) Yes b) No c) d)
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