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The Catholic's effort to reform itself is know as...
a) Counter Reformation b) Reformation c) Calvinism d) Protestant
Which relates to the religious affiliations after the Reformation?
a) Only Spain/Portugal Catholic, rest of Europe Protestant b) Only Germany became Protestant, rest of Europe Catholic c) northern half of Europe= Protestant and southern half = Catholic d) northern half of Europe = Catholic and southern half = Protestant
What did Copernicus and Galileo teach?
a) Church could need seek forgiveness b) Earth moves around the Sun c) Objects in the sky move around the Earth d) Milky Way is one of many galaxies
What country did the Reformation begin?
a) Spain b) England c) Germany d) Switzerland
Which was cause for the Reformation?
a) Michelangelo's writings about the Church b) Luther was labeled an outlaw c) Church granted indulgences for money d) da Vinci's death
What does the 95 Thesis and Diet of Worms relate to?
a) Catholic Counter Reformation b) Renaissance and Reformation c) beginning of Protestantism and separation from Catholic Church d) end of Protestanism and reunion of Catholic Church
Which describes Martin Luther's beliefs?
a) Pope/Priests can only interpret the Bible b) Indulgences can be forgiven through indulgences c) Christians can communicate directly with God d) Christians must go to priest to interpret the Bible
Discovered the Printing Press
a) da Vinci b) Michelangelo c) Gutenburg d) Galileo
This invention helped to spread ideas of Renaissance and Reformation at a quick pace, made people more literate and strengthened the economy?
a) telescope b) microscope c) algebra d) printing press
Discovered the telescope and confirmed theory that planets revolve around the sun
a) da Vinci b) Michelangelo c) Copernicus d) Galileo
Sistine Chapel/Peita
a) da Vinci b) Michelangelo c) Copernicus d) Galileo
What city was the birthplace of the Renaissance?
a) Rome b) Milan c) Venice d) Florence
The Last Supper/Mona Lisa
a) da Vinci b) Michelangelo c) Copernicus d) Galileo
The intellectual/economic movement in art, science and political ideas of Greece and Rome?
a) Reformation b) Renaissance c) Counter Reformation d) Protestant
Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy?
a) Martin Luther's ideas b) a mild climate c) wealth from trade d) Bubonic Plague
Term that places an emphasis on individual potential, achievement and education?
a) Humanism b) commerce c) Protestant d) Reformation
Art that shows depth and dimension...
a) shading b) perspective c) fresco d) oil painting
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