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Miguel has been working full-time for two years. He gets a paycheck of $2000 per  month and his bills total $1700.. If Miguel wants to purchase a home in three years, what fiscal  responsibility should Miguel consider?
a) Saving for the future b) Keeping to a budget c) Using credit wisely d) Having insurance
Maria just graduated from high school. She wants to begin the process of planning  her career. The first thing that Maria should do is:
a) apply for as many jobs as she can find b) complete some type of self-assessment c) find people willing to give her a positive recommendation d) take classes at the local community college
Dana has a part-time job working as a waitress at a restaurant. When she gets sick,  she does not like going to the doctor because it is expensive. What fiscal  responsibility is Dana most likely neglecting?
a) Saving for the future b) Keeping to a budget c) Using credit wisely d) Having insurance
All of the following are characteristics that employers look for in new employees, EXCEPT -
a) Interest in learning new things b) Punctuality c) Tardiness d) Willingness to work hard
When selecting a career Inga should take into account all of the following EXCEPT —
a) what her friends are doing b) things she is interested in c) her own talents d) what she is good at
Which statement best demonstrates being financially irresponsible?
a) Obtaining health insurance b) Investing money for the future c) Spending money without a budget d) Using credit wisley
The United States government provides the following services EXCEPT —
a) postal service b) national defense c) interstate highways d) satellite radio
Increased government spending on public goods and services —
a) decreases production b) increases demand c) decreases demand d) lowers taxes
Which of the following is TRUE about goods and services provided by the government?
a) Provides benefits to many simultaneously b) Include such items as interstate highways, postal service, and national defense c) Would not likely be available if individuals had to provide them d) All of the Above are Correct
New jobs in the workplace are often created by —
a) technological advancements b) advancements in the college system c) governmental advancements d) advancements in the FED
United States currency is created by —
a) businesses b) the government c) banks d) the Stock Market
Borrowed funds, fees, and tax revenue are -
a) Ways that financial institutions pay interest b) Ways that businesses can pay their employees c) Ways the government pays for political party candidates d) Ways the government pays for public goods and services
What is an agreement between two or more people called?
a) Contract b) Security c) Discount d) Compromise
Technological advancements have led to all of the following EXCEPT —
a) creation of new jobs in the workplace b) competition from foreign workers c) less education is being required for today's workforce d) opportunities to work for companies based in other countries
The monetary system in the United States is successful because of -
a) the ability of businesses to issue money. b) the confidence of the consumer in the United States government. c) the supply and demand for the United States' dollar overseas. d) the stock market's prices on shares of corporations.
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