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A rising in the sea as a result of atmospheric pressure changes and wind associated with a storm is a
a) storm surge b) posse c) futile d) sepsis
Traffic moving in the opposite direction than normal is
a) contraflow b) maneuver c) futile d) posse
_______________________ is an ugly, twisted facial expression of pain.
a) grimace b) saunter c) sepsis d) debris
If you are overgenerous or lenient with someone or something, you are acting
a) indulgently b) futile c) grimace d) Creole
_________________ means walking in a slow, relaxed manner
a) sauntering b) scampering c) grimacing d) maneuvering
A group of people with common characteristic or purpose is
a) Creole b) posse c) futile d) debris
___________________ is scattered fragments of something wrecked or destroyed.
a) debris b) posse c) storm surge d) sepsis
________________means running with quick, light steps due to fear or excitement.
a) scampering b) indulgently c) grimaces d) maneuvering
____________ means to move skillfully or gracefully
a) saunter b) maneuver c) grimace d) scamper
___________________ means incapable of producing a useful result.
a) futile b) grimace c) contraflow d) sepsis
Tru had _______________ , or a type of blood poisoning.
a) sepsis b) debris c) posse d) Creole
People which are partly African and partly French blood are
a) debris b) posse c) Creole d) French
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