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What does qué mean
a) what b) which c) how d) who
what does cuales mean
a) what b) which c) how many d) how often
when que is used before ser it means defination
a) true b) false c) d)
what replaces the o in a stem changeing
a) ue b) i c) ie d)
what replaces the e in certain stem changing words
a) ue b) i c) ie d)
what replaces the e in certain stem changing words
a) ue b) i c) ie d)
what does affirmative mean
a) postive b) negative c) neutral d)
which words is negative
a) siempre b) nunca c) d)
what does ni ni mean
a) either or b) neither nor c) d)
what do you do to the ending of a word to make it a formal uds command
a) put the opposite ending b) put the usual ending c) put irregular endings d)
if IR=AR then?
a) ER=IR b) AR= EI,IR c) IR=ER d)
words stem change in commands
a) flase b) true c) d)
description words go after nouns
a) false b) true c) d)
only nationalities change for gender
a) true b) flase c) d)
adjectives and adverbs change for number
a) true b) flase c) d)
what does a reflexive mean
a) you do something to your self b) you do something to someone else c) d)
what part of a reflexive verb do you take off
a) first b) middle c) last d)
what do you put in front of a reflexive verbs in the yo form
a) me b) te c) se d) nos
how many irregulars are there in preterit
a) none b) a few c) lots d)
what is the AR yo ending for preterit
a) é b) o c) i d)
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