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The desire for national advancement or independence
a) Nationalism b) Apartheid c) Cities d) Sahel
made it illegal for different races and ethnic groups to mix in South Africa
a) Nationalism b) Apartheid c) Cities d) Sahel
Most of the rainforest in Africa are located in the ________________ and _________________________.
a) South and Central b) North and South c) West and Central d) East and North
An Arid grassland which borders the Sahara Desert is known as the
a) Sahel b) Sahara c) Namib d) Horn of Africa
A desert in the southwestern part of Africa that is one of the world's driest places is the _________ Desert.
a) Namib b) Sahara c) Sahel d) Horn of Africa
Tropic grasslands with only a few trees
a) Savannas b) Desert c) Great Rift Valley d) drought
The most populated city on the continent of Africa is
a) Cairo, Egypt b) Casablanca, Morocco c) Cape Town, South Africa d) Mombasa, Kenya
The largest lake in Africa is
a) Lake Victoria b) Lake Titicaca c) Lake Superior d) Gulf of mexico
a long period of extreme dryness and water shortages
a) drought b) heavy rain c) desert d) low pressure system
The__________________ is an area in Tanzania famous for its wildlife preserve, huge grasslands, and patches of trees and shrubs
a) Serengeti Plain b) Congo c) Madagascar d) Great Rift valley
Another name for the Somali Peninsula is
a) Horn of Africa b) Somali Islands c) Somali Rainforest d) The Congo
The largest country in Africa is
a) Sudan b) Mali c) Libya d) Algeria
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