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A collection or list of users is known as
a) object b) hostfile c) cluster d) groups
The local security database found on a member server is known as the
a) PTR b) OU c) SMO d) SAM
Printers, users, and computers are examples of _______in Active Directory.
a) objects b) OU c) groups d) trees
A(n)______ is used to organize the objects within a domain.
a) PTR b) organisational unit c) UNC d) Task
The ______ are roles that provide certain functions that can only be handled by one domain controller.
a) SMO b) SAM c) OU d) AD
_______ is a popular directory service with objects in a logical hierarchical manner.
a) WINS b) IP c) DNS d) LDAP
The ______ automatically assigns IP addresses and other IP configuration to a host.
a) DNS b) DHCP c) LDAP d) account operator
The file that is used to resolve hostnames to IP addresses is
a) Hostfile b) LDAP c) WINS d) AD
The resource record used in DNS to resolve IP address to hostnames is
a) DHCP b) DNS c) PTR d) OU
The ________ built-in group is used to create, delete, and modify user accounts and groups.
a) user profile b) account operator c) software policy d) UNC
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