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Mechanical digestion happens in the:
a) liver only b) stomach only c) mouth and stomach d) mouth only
Where does chemical digestion happen
a) mouth b) stomach c) small intestine d) all three
When food is physically crushed and smashed, it is:
a) chemical digestion b) mechanical digestion c) both d) neither
When food is broken down into nutrients (in the form of molecules), it is ____________ digestion.
a) chemical b) physical c) mechanical d) all three
When you chew your food, it is ____________ digestion
a) chemical b) physical c) mechanical d) all three
When food reacts with stomach acid, it is ______________
a) chemical b) physical c) mechanical d) all three
What would happen if your cells didn't get rid of waste?
a) nothing b) they would build up toxins and die c) they would slow down d) they would perform the wrong function
Why do cells need nutrients?
a) to absorb oxygen b) to do all of their jobs c) to create nutrients d) to make waste
Nutrients are absorbed from the digestive system in the:
a) stomach b) mouth c) large intestine d) small intestine
This body part chews up food and begins digestion:
a) stomach b) mouth c) liver d) large intestine
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