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a change in size, shape or state without changing identity
a) physical change b) physical property c) compound d)
A substance that can not be broken into anything smaller is an
a) element b) atom c) compound d)
The smallest particle of an element
a) atom b) compound c) periodic d)
Properties, like color and odor are
a) physical properties b) chemical propeties c) physical changes d)
How can you find the density of an object
a) find the mass and volume then divide the mass by the volume b) find the mass and volume and multiply both numbers c) find the mass and volume and add the two numbers d)
To measure the volume of a liquid you use
a) millimeter b) weight c) cubic centimeters d)
The amount of matter in an object is
a) mass b) volume c) density d)
You measure mass in
a) grams or kilograms b) liter c) weight d)
The amount of space in an object is
a) volume b) mass c) density d)
To measure volume in a solid you use
a) cubic centimeters b) liter c) weight d)
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