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victory; success
a) triumph b) victory c) success d)
to change from one language into another
a) seeker b) translate c) uncover d)
a building used for the service or worship of a god or gods
a) church b) house c) temple d)
one who searches or tries to find
a) seeker b) investigator c) detective d)
learned people; people having much knowledge
a) students b) scholars c) soccer players d)
anything that joins or connects, as a loop of a chain does
a) connection b) seeker c) link d)
of times long past
a) ancient b) old c) antique d)
to make known; reveal; expose
a) reveal b) expose c) uncover d)
of times long past
a) past b) ancient c) old d)
learned people; people having much knowledge
a) scholars b) students c) players d)
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