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Okay, it's time to throw in the towel.
a) do the laundry b) give up c) calm down d) ask for seconds
That attitude makes them see red!
a) feel embarrassed b) get angry c) want to read d) blush
He's sick of playing second fiddle.
a) practicing country music b) counting his blessings c) hurrying d) being the next best
I'm totally ready to hit the hay.
a) go to bed b) be a farmer c) do my exercises d) take a break
Dan got cold feet at the last minute.
a) became brave b) wore heavy socks c) lost his nerve d) stepped in a puddle
We must never cut corners on safety.
a) be foolish b) disagree c) take shortcuts d) get excited
It's an enjoyable way to break the ice.
a) climb a mountain b) relax and interact c) chill the room d) stop the arguing
Let's wait until all this blows over.
a) comes apart b) gets worse c) exhales d) passes
Don't beat around the bush anymore.
a) avoid the main point b) rake the leaves c) repeat yourself d) get frustrated
That movie was really for the birds.
a) about nature b) breezy and light c) terrible d) scary
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