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Peanuts are nuts
a) false b) true c) sometimes d)
How many senses do humans have?
a) 5 b) 21 c) 7 d) 15
Where were fortune cookies invented?
a) China b) Japan c) Korea d) United States
How long do houseflies live?
a) 24 hours b) 1 month c) 7 days d) 14 days
How many ants are there for every human on Earth?
a) 5 million b) 1.6 million c) 50,000 d) 1 trillion
What are you twice as likely to die from than a shark?
a) cow b) car crashes c) vending machine d) stapler
What is Scotland's nation animal?
a) Goats b) Sheep c) Horse d) Unicorn
A banana is classified as a
a) berry b) nut c) legume d) plant
All the water in Lake Michigan would cover North and South America with how much water?
a) 1 inch b) 6 inches c) 1 meter d) 1 foot
What state is closest to Africa?
a) Florida b) California c) Maine d) South Carolina
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