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This is the place where photosynthesis takes place inside the cell
a) Mitochondria b) Nuclues c) Cell Wall d) Chloroplasts
A storage area for water, waste, and other materials
a) Chloroplasts b) Mitochondria c) Vacuole d) Cytoplasm
This is the brain center of the cell and also contains the genetic material
a) Nucleus b) Chlorosplasts c) Cell Wall d) Mitochondria
The gel-like fluid inside a cell.
a) Mitochondria b) Vacuole c) Nucleus d) Cytoplasm
The movement of water across a membrane
a) Osmosis b) Passive Transport c) Concentration d) Respiration
_________ is the movement of materials across the cell membrane.
a) Mitosis b) Concentration c) Diffusion d) Passive Transport
The thin, flexible outer covering of a cell. It controls what enters and leaves a cell.
a) Cell membrane b) Cell wall c) Mitochondria d) Chloroplast
The major structures found within a cell (sometimes referred to as little organs)
a) Diffusion b) Organelles c) Osmosis d) Permeable
The powerhouse of the cell
a) Mitochondria b) Vacuole c) Cytoplasm d) Nucleus
Which of the following is ONLY found in an animal cell?
a) Mitochondria b) Chloroplast c) Cell Wall d) Lysosome
The name for spiral-shaped bacteria
a) Spirilla b) Bacillus c) Coccus d) Euglena
The name for rod-shaped bacteria
a) Sprilla b) Bacillus c) Coccus d) Paramecium
The name for round-shaped bacteria
a) Spirilla b) Bacillus c) Coccus d) Amoeba
Which protist moves themselves using a long whip-like structure called a flagella?
a) Euglena b) Paramecium c) Amoeba d) Coccus
Which protist has chloroplasts and can perform photosynthesis like a plant?
a) Euglena b) Paramecium c) Amoeba d) Spirilla
A paramecium moves using tiny hair-like structures called _________.
a) flagella b) cilia c) pseudopods d) false feet
Which protist moves and eats using pseudopods?
a) Euglena b) Paramecium c) Amoeba d) Bacillus
Cell reproduction, where a cell splits to become two cells, is called _________?
a) Photosynthesis b) Mitosis c) Osmosis d) Respiration
What are the products of photosynthesis?
a) Sugar (glucose) and water b) Carbon dioxide and water c) Sugar (glucose) and oxygen d) Hydrogen and sulfer
Cellular respiration takes place in which organelle?
a) Chloroplast b) Nucleus c) Lysosome d) Mitochondria
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