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What does the word Swahili mean in Arabic?
a) forest dweller b) nomad wanderer c) one who herds animals d) one who lives on the coast
Which bodies of water are connected by the Strait of Hormuz?
a) the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea b) the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea c) the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea d) the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf
Which is the greatest danger of the African savanna?
a) seasonal fires b) logging industries c) the annual drought d) activities of people
In which country do most Ashanti live?
a) Egypt b) Kenya c) Ghana d) Morocco
What is the significance of the Golden Stool for the Ashanti people?
a) It symbolizes the power of the Ashanti people. b) The stool was meant to encourage equal rights for all. c) The Ashanti would become rich making furniture and household goods. d) The Ashanti people could only worship if they were sitting on the Golden Stool.
What has helped Israel be so successful in increasing agricultural production?
a) recent abundant rainfall b) economic assistance from the United States c) advanced irrigation d) petroleum reserves
The waterway that forms a border between Jordan to the east and Israel and the West Bank to the west is the
a) Tigris River b) Suez Canal c) Red Sea d) Jordan River
Which nation in Southern and Eastern Asia is made up of many islands?
a) Bangladesh b) Indonesia c) India d) Vietnam
What religion started in India and spread to Eastern Asia?
a) Taoism b) Buddhism c) Islam d) Judaism
Which major Asian river, besides the Brahmaptutra , flows into the Bay of Bengal?
a) Huang He b) Indua c) Ganges d) Mekong
Seasonal weather patterns determine when farmers in Southern Asia will receive enough rainfall to grow crops. At what time of year might they expect to receive this much-needed water?
a) summer monsoons b) winter monsoons c) spring typhoons d) fall cyclones
Using you knowledge of geography of the African continent, which is the country MOST LIKELY to have a trading influence on the Red Sea?
a) Nigeria b) Chad c) Mali d) Egpyt
In Africa, desertification leads to
a) increased pesticides. b) decreased farm land c) growing forests. d) increase in the Sahel
Which sect of Islam believes that its leader should be a direct descendant of Muhammad?
a) Shi'a b) Sunni c) Kurd d) Judaic
The Strait of Hormuz connects the Persian Gulf with the
a) Red Sea b) Mediterranean Sea c) Black Sea d) Arabian Sea
The government of Iran today is based upon shari'ah, or Islamic law. Which term BEST describes a government based upon religion?
a) a democracy b) a theocracy c) an aristocracy d) a monarchy
Which religion do MOST people in Southwest Asia practice?
a) Christianity b) Judaism c) Islam d) Buddhism
What was the dominant religion in the Ottoman Empire.
a) Christianity b) Judaism c) Islam d) Buddhism
Which of Africa's major rivers is located in central Africa?
a) Zambezi River b) Nile River c) Congo River d) Niger River
Why is the government of Kenya concerned with desertification and deforestation?
a) Desertification and deforestation lead to higher taxes. b) Desertification and deforestation in Kenya pollute the Nile River. c) The people of Kenya cannot adapt to a desert climate. d) The people of Kenya rely on the land for their livelihoods.
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