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Which one is NOT a symptom of Milk fever?
a) Listlessness b) Unable to stand c) Twitching d) Unconsciousness/Death
Cause of Milk Fever?
a) When ewes and lambs are turned out onto lush grass low in magnesium b) Low levels of calcium occurs in late pregnancy or early lactation c) Protozoa (parasite found in faeces) d)
Another name for Milk Fever?
a) Hypomagnesaemia b) Hypocalcaemia c) Zoonose d)
How to prevent Orf disease?
a) Vaccinate ewes before lambing and vaccinate lambs at a few weeks old b) Dip sheep c) Put lambs on clean pasture d)
Which one is NOT used in the treatment of Orf?
a) No treatment for virus b) Treat sores with antibiotic cream c) Injection of Magnesium d)
What is the cause of Orf disease?
a) Protozoa b) Bacteria c) Virus d)
Which one is NOT a symptom of Orf disease?
a) Small spots on udder/lips/gums/nose of young lambs/genitals of rams b) Separates from flock c) Secondary infection of lesions can occur d)
What is another name for Orf disease?
a) Coccidiosis b) Zoonose c) Sheep scab d)
Which one is NOT a method of prevention of Twin Lamb disease?
a) Steaming up with concentrates as rumens size restricted b) Growing Foetus limits the intake of hay and silage c) Vaccinate ewes before lambing d)
Treatment of Twin Lamb disease?
a) Administer energy solution (glucose) b) Injection of calcium c) Oral dose lambs d)
What are the symptoms of Twin Lamb disease?
a) Dehydration, staggers, tremors, collapse, death b) Separates from flock, twitches, muscle spasms, death c) Separates from flock, Staggers, tremors, collapse and death d) Dehydration, twitches, muscle spasms, death
Cause of Twin Lamb disease?
a) Breakdown of fat reserves in the ewes body leads to liver failure b) Low levels of calcium c) Bacteria infection d)
Treatment of Milk Fever?
a) Injection of soluble magnesium b) Injection of calcium-borogluconate c) Oral dose lambs d)
Prevention of Milk Fever?
a) Dust ewes feed with Calmag or provide mineral lick b) Vaccinate ewes before lambing c) A dedicated creep feed gives protection d)
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