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Skillful; clever
a) perimeter b) deftly c) defective d) Ms. Harris
the border or outer boundary of a two-dimensional figure
a) deftly b) defective c) perimeter d) What? This is not one of our definitions!
absurd; utterly foolish
a) grimaced b) radiated c) preposterous d) I don't know.
the materials used to cushion and cover furniture
a) radiated b) upholstery c) grimaced d) perimeter
does not work; faulty
a) deftly b) perimeter c) grimaced d) defective
a) radiated b) upholstery c) preposterous d) grimaced
A facial expression showing disapproval
a) grimaced b) preposterous c) upholstery d) Ms. Harris's teacher look.
concentrate; strength
a) intensity b) flashback c) wharf d) Hercules
Remembering an event from the past.
a) intensity b) flashback c) wharf d) perimeter
A dock into the ocean; pier
a) intensity b) wharf c) ship d) flashback
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