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This branch enforces the laws
a) Executive b) Legislative c) Judicial d) Congress
This document set up a fairer form of government with 3 branches.
a) Constitution b) Declaration of Independence c) Common Sense d) Preamble
This taxed paper goods to help pay for the war
a) Paper Act b) New Tax Act c) Intolerable Acts d) Stamp Act
This branch is responsible for making the laws
a) Legistlative b) Executive c) Judicial d) President
This branch interprets the laws.
a) Executive b) Legistlative c) Judicial d) Congress
The Quartering Act...
a) taxed the colonists for their homes unfairly b) kicked people out of their homes for not paying taxes c) required colonists to allow British soldiers to live in their homes d) sold the colonists homes to the soldiers
Were passed by the British which restricted the rights' of the citizens of Boston
a) Intolerable Acts b) Quartering Act c) Sugar Act d) Stamp Act
Said colonists could not settle west of the Appalachian Mountains
a) Stamp Act b) Proclamation of 1763 c) Virginia Plan d) Albany Plan
This document describes charges against King George and declares the colonies free.
a) Constitution b) Common Sense c) Preamble d) Declaration of Independence
Taxed not only sugar but many imported good such as coffee and cloth
a) Cloth Act b) Sugar Act c) Tea Act d) Stamp Act
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