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Where does Elie live?
a) Sighet b) Lakeland c) Germany d) France
What does Elie want to study at the beginning of the book
a) Holocaust b) Religion c) Culture d) Music
What were the Jews forced to wear
a) striped shirt b) black pants c) yellow star d) wooden shoes
Mode of transportation for transport
a) bus b) truck c) marching d) train
Deportation means
a) leaving a country b) forcing one to relocate c) entering a country d) killing of Jews
True or False: The Jews were made to hand over their valuables
a) True b) false c) d)
Elie's house
a) was in the first ghetto b) was in the second ghetto c) was in Germany d) was destroyed
Elie was deported during the
a) winter b) spring c) fall d) summer
There were ____ people in the cattle car
a) 50 b) 60 c) 80 d) 100
Upon arrival, the Jews were told that they
a) would be separated b) would not be separated c) could bring their suitcases d) would be given food
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