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Why did three times as many people vote in the presidential election of 1828 as the election of 1824?
a) By 1828, voting laws had changed in most states to give all white men the right to vote b) By 1828, women had gained the right to vote in some states, while no women could vote in 1824 c) The United States had twice as many states in 1828 as it had in 1824 d) The candidates running for president in 1828 were more interesting than those in 1824
Andrew Jackson’s election victory in 1828 depended on support from
a) The rich and well-born b) The common people c) Native Americans d) State’s rights supporters
Jackson’s practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs became known as
a) Jacksonian democracy b) Mudslinging c) The spoils system d) A corrupt bargain
The Nullification Crisis was triggered by strong opposition to the
a) Force Bill b) Indian Removal Act c) Bank of the United States d) Tariff of Abominations
Jackson’s handling of the Nullification Crisis was most upsetting to
a) State’s rights supporters b) The rich and well-born c) Native Americans d) The common people
Who was most upset by Jackson’s crusade to destroy the Bank of the United States
a) Native Americans b) The rich and well born c) The common people d) State’s rights supporters
Why did many whites call the Creek, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Seminole the “Five Civilized Tribes
a) The groups had never gone to war against whites b) These groups had won the right to elect representatives to congress c) These groups had learned and adopted many white ways d) These groups had agreed to leave their homelands peacefully
Which group was most hurt by Jackson’s removal policy
a) The rich and well-born b) The common people c) State’s rights supporters d) Native Americans
What event took place between Andrew Jackson and Charles Dickenson?
a) Duel b) Primary election c) Presidential Debate d) Arm wrestling match
What was Andrew Jackson’s nickname?
a) Old Ironsides b) Old Hickory c) Warrior King d) Old Faithful
Achieving wealth and influence through one’s own effort rather than being born into privilege is
a) Nobility b) Silver spoon c) Self-made d) Anointed
Why were the common people so eager to have Jackson become president
a) He was going to expand the national bank of the United States b) He was going to expand trade with other countries c) He was going to help the rich and well-born d) He was going to throw the rascals out and give the government back to the people
What battle made Andrew Jackson famous
a) Battle of New Orleans b) Battle of Bunker Hill c) Battle of Gettysburg d) Battle of Lexington
What was Jackson’s profession that prepared him for politics?
a) Doctor b) Lawyer c) Slave owner d) Writer
What was the name given to Jackson’s advisers
a) The Round Table b) The Assembly c) The Kitchen Cabinet d) The Inside Men
How did Jackson feel about his handling of the Indian problem?
a) He was upset b) He was sad c) He was disappointed d) He was proud
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