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An object under the sunlight _______________ heat
a) absorbs b) reflects c) energizes d) cools
After a surface has heat, it gains ______________
a) nutrition b) energy c) more heat d) electricity
Air moves from
a) medium pressure to less medium pressure b) low pressure to high pressure c) high pressure to low pressure d) medium pressure to high pressure
Warm air is usually at
a) low pressure b) high pressure c) medium pressure d) no pressure
The doldrums are an area of
a) no pressure b) some pressure c) low pressure d) high pressure
Energy will travel in
a) straight lines b) circles c) waves d) spurts
Winds blow ________________ the direction of which they are named
a) toward b) from c) around d) close to
What article of clothing are winds most like?
a) tie b) ring c) bracelet d) belt
Warm water and air usually does what?
a) dissipates b) sinks c) rises d) spins
Cold water and air usually does what?
a) dissipates b) sinks c) rises d) spins
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