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What does velocity measure?
a) an object's location and the time it is there b) direction and motion c) speed in a certain direction d) weight and length
A bus traveled 25 mph along Robert Bell Parkway. Using this information, you can calculate its _____.
a) speed b) velocity c) position d) mass
What forces can change the velocity of an object?
a) watching and recording b) friction and gravity c) observations and testing d) experiments and hypothesis
A pitcher throws a baseball and a batter hits a home run. How was the velocity of the baseball changed?
a) The force of gravity brought the ball into contact with the bat. b) The force of the throw caused the baseball to be a fast pitch. c) The force of the bat changed the balls speed and direction. d) The force of the wind made the ball go faster.
The following words are used to describe the direction of a moving object EXCEPT...
a) north b) south c) east d) today
What can cause a change in velocity?
a) a change in direction or a change in time b) a change in time or a change in distance c) a change in distance or a change in direction d) a change in direction or a change in speed
Roommates, Crystal and Susan, leave the stadium in their own cars at the same speed. Crystal went straight home. Susan went to the grocery store two block past the apartment before going home. Did they both travel for the same amount of time?
a) Yes. They both traveled the same amount of time. b) No, Crystal traveled for a longer amount of time. c) No, Susan traveled for a longer amount of time. d)
Which method of travel is the fastest?
a) crawling b) walking c) running d) riding a bicycle
The fastest runner has the _____ .
a) shortest time b) longest time c) shortest distance d) longest distance
Which of the following can also change the velocity of a moving object?
a) sand b) friction c) rocks d) wind
_____ is a measure of an object's speed in a certain direction.
a) Motion b) Velocity c) Speed d) Direction
What information do you need to measure speed?
a) the distance an object travels b) the time it takes an object to move c) the amount of space an object takes up and the distance it travels d) the distance an object travels and the time it takes to travel that distance
The way in which an object is moving is its _____.
a) speed b) velocity c) position d) direction
Speed is measured using units of distance and _____.
a) time b) direction c) velocity d) position
Cars which are constantly changing their speed and direction are changing their _____.
a) motion b) position c) range d) velocity
_____ is a measure of the distance an object travels in a certain amount of time.
a) Velocity b) Distance c) Speed d) Motion
The objects you use for comparison become your _____ of _____.
a) speed of direction. b) frame of reference. c) position of motion. d) motion of velocity.
_____ is a change in an object's position as compared to objects around it.
a) Position b) Motion c) Direction d) Velocity
_____ is an object's location or place.
a) Position b) Motion c) Distance d) Direction
A _____ causes a change in motion.
a) direction b) position c) speed d) force
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