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What are pharaohs?
a) part god rulers b) writers c) religious leaders d) all men
What is a delta?
a) the fertile plain at the mouth of a river. b) a greek symobol c) an opening in a river d) the end of a river
Which river civilization was completed conquered?
a) Harappans b) Egyptians c) Mesopotamians d) Chinese
What is a scribe?
a) A rulers assistant b) A religious reader c) A writter d) A warrior
The Indus Valley people were
a) peaceful b) aggressive c) long lasting d) isolated
Ra is the god of
a) the sun b) the underworld c) the dead d) the sky
What are oracle bones used for
a) to speak to dead ancestors b) to cook with c) weapons d) burial rituals
The Indus Valley People were also called
a) The Harrappans b) The Egyptians c) The Mesopotamians d) The Chinese
Which is not a major river for an early river civilization.
a) Amazon River b) Nile River c) Yangtze River d) Euphrates River
The first set of laws?
a) Ziggurate b) Hammurabi's Code c) Book of the dead d) Cuneiform
What is cultural diffusion?
a) the sharing of cultural ideas b) spreading of a gas throughout a roam c) globalization d) creating a new culture
What does Fertile Crescent mean?
a) land between the rivers b) Mesopotamia c) area of crop growth d) flowing rivers
What is an irrigation system?
a) the practice of providing crops with water through the use of dams and canals b) the practice of using the starts to navigate. c) the practice of rotating crops. d) the practice of praying to different idols.
Which is not a type of writing from an ancient civilization
a) english b) cuneiform c) hierglyophics d) Chinese symbols
Belief in multiple gods.
a) Monotheism b) Polytheism c) Anarchy d) Hinduism
What is agriculture?
a) The raising of crops and animals. b) The system of moving of water. c) An African tribe. d) An ancient practice of redirecting water and sun light.
Which is not an early river civilization?
a) Greece b) Mesopotamia c) China d) Indus Valley
What is a monarchy?
a) A type of government where a king rules b) A type of government where everyone votes for the ruler. c) A type of government where only a few vote on all issues. d) A type of government where one person has total power.
What is silt?
a) fertile soil found in rivers b) dirt c) bad soil d) stuff that clogged irrigation systems
What is a democracy?
a) When everyone has the right to vote b) When a king or queen rules c) When one person has total power d) When a leader is chosen by god
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