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Where water moves from roots and travels to all parts of a plant.
a) xylem b) phloem c) stomata d) epidermal cells
Flat cells on the tops and bottoms of leaves that provide a waxy covering called the cuticle are called
a) epidermal cells b) stomata c) mesophyll cells d) chlorophyll
Any change in an organism's environment that causes a response is a
a) stimulus b) tropism c) reaction d) response
The growth of a plant toward or away from flight is a
a) phototropism b) gravitropism c) thigmotropism d) photoperiodism
Which plants bloom when exposed to less than 10-12 hours of darkness?
a) long-day plants b) short-day plants c) day-neutral plants d) roses
T/F: Some plants reproduce asexually.
a) true b) false c) d)
The daughter cells produced by haploid structures in plants are called
a) spores b) mosses c) seeds d) eggs
Which is an example of a seedless plant?
a) moss b) gymnosperms c) angiosperms d) corn
The female reproductive structure of a seed plant where the haploid egg develops is called the
a) ovule b) stamen c) petal d) sepal
The most common gymnosperms are
a) conifers b) ferns c) mosses d) roses
Which is not part of the pistil?
a) filament b) stigma c) style d) ovary
The part of the stamen that produces pollen grains is the
a) anther b) filament c) stigma d) ovary
The response of plants to touch is
a) thigmotropism b) photoperiodism c) gravitropism d) phototropism
A series of chemical reactions that convert the energy in food molecules into a usable form of energy called ATP is called
a) cellular respiration b) photosynthesis c) excretion d) metabolism
Small openings in the bottom of a leaf are called
a) stomata b) stigma c) style d) pores
The tissue through which a plant's food flows to all parts of a plant.
a) phloem b) xylem c) chlorophyll d) mesophyll
Growth away from a stimulus is called
a) negative tropism b) positive tropism c) neutral tropism d) away tropism
Plants that aren't affected by the number of hours of darkness are called
a) day-neutral plants b) long-day plants c) short-day plants d) photo-neutral plants
Which plant hormone helps stimulate the ripening of fruit?
a) ethylene b) auxins c) gibberellins d) cytokinins
Occurs when the life cycle of an organism alternates between diploid and haploid generations
a) alternation of generations b) sexual reproduction c) asexual reproduction d) diploid-haploid alternation
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