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What is the process by which populations change over time?
a) Adaptations b) Variations c) Population d) Evolution
What is the process by which humans select plants or animals for breeding based on desired traits?
a) Evolution b) Artifical Selection c) Natural Selection d) Extinction
What is the process by which organisms that inherit advantageous traits tend to reproduce more successfully than other organisms do?
a) Extinction b) Artificial Selection c) Evolution d) Natural Selection
What is a group of organisms that mate to produce fertile offspring?
a) Population b) Species c) Cohort d) Genre
What are all of the individuals of a species in an area at a given time?
a) Population b) Species c) Genre d) Cohort
What is an inherited trait that helps an organism survive and reproduce in its environment?
a) Variation b) Allele c) Adaptation d) Gene
What occurs when all the members of a species have died?
a) Natural Selection b) Extinction c) Artificial Selection d) Variations
What are the remains or imprints of once living organisms?
a) Common Ancestor b) Variations c) Fossil d) Population
What are all of the fossils that have been discovered?
a) Fossils b) Fossil Record c) Common Ancestor d) Extinction
What is the most recent species from which two different species evolved?
a) Population b) Species c) Fossil Record d) Common Ancestor
What are naturally occurring difference within a species?
a) Adaptations b) Variations c) Alleles d) Genes
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